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for taking the time to evaluate the offer we at Lockyer Property Management have for your investment portfolio.

Your goal as an investor is to see an acceptable ROI on your investment without having to spend a great amount of your valuable time in micromanaging this portfolio, which is where our offer brings tangible benefits.

The team here at Lockyer Property Management provide the benefit of extensive industry experience, with combined decades of insight and understanding of the service you deserve and the property market as a whole. Today, we offer a comprehensive support package for your investments, using cutting-edge technology for efficiency, accuracy and reliability. With that platform, we are able to provide a service that delivers tangible value for every client, with a professional solution that maintains the highest standards of property management delivered in a transparent approach that builds trust with investors and tenants alike.

Covering everything from property maintenance to rent collection, including tenant relations, emergency support and bill payment, our solution is an end-to-end provision that takes care of everything for you. Effective management means looking after the property and dealing with emergencies, but it also means maintaining good relations with tenants for smooth operation and hassle-free income from your investment. As seasoned veterans in the industry, we understand what it takes to maximise your returns and ensure happy tenants for consistent income.

For Lockyer Property Management, your success is our success, and that means the best outcome for your investment.

Choosing The Right Property Management Team

A property manager’s job is to protect your investment and deliver a smooth-running operation that gives you a hands-off return on investment with minimum hassle. Your management team need to understand your goals and deliver an appropriate strategy, ensuring all parties have the same vision for your investment. If this is not achieved, conflict can cause issues, and in our experience, these kinds of problems stem from a lack of communication. Lockyer Property Management is built on effective communication, both with clients, tenants and partners, as we understand just how important that shared vision is. We listen, understand and develop solutions for any problems encountered to maintain effective management of your investment.

Communication is a two-way street though, and keeping you informed is just as important. We produce effective, clear reporting for every aspect of your investment, including financials and other aspects of the process.

As industry experts, we bring your vision and values into the daily operation of your investment, developing solutions that meet the needs of any challenge taking into account changing legislation and other external factors. For time-critical aspects, such as rent collection and similar, we provide the prompt and effective organisation that delivers results.

This is all achieved using a state-of-the-art technology platform that adds to efficiency and productivity, and essential aspect of our mission to provide the best management solution possible, maximising value and quality in every aspect of the process.

Getting It Right For You

The Steps For Success

  • 1

    Protect & Maintain Your Asset

  • 2

    Maximise Your Returns

  • 3

    Minimise Potential Loss

  • 4

    Service Level Commitment

  • 5

    Superior Communication


The Right Tenant

Key to maximising the return on your investment is to identify the best tenant possible.

The best tenants also expect the best properties too, and that means presenting your investment correctly, ensuring it is clean, maintained and priced effectively. The best marketing for your investment matches the approach taken for property sales, including accurate, detailed and persuasive photos, website descriptions, social media, email promotions as well as traditional newspaper advertising.

Through that mix of platforms and persuasive descriptions, video tours and innovative approaches, we can present your property in the best light, make it stand out in the market and attract the right tenants. We then deliver a guided inspection of the property that accentuates the major high points of the property, following up with an application submission for a prospective tenant wishing to let the property.

Each application is subject to rigorous vetting, including a complete background check of all proposed occupants. We contact employers, assess financial situations and check employment history to ensure that your investment is protected, finally creating a full report on each applicant to allow you to make the final, fully informed choice.

Routine Inspections

An essential aspect of every effective management strategy, regular inspections are integral to our management process regardless of tenant duration. They are important because as experience has taught us over the years, household situations can change very quickly, and this can have a dramatic effect.

Our routine inspections are scheduled 4 times a year for every property, and they are diligently carried out in every case. They include:

  • A detailed report
  • Photographs of the premises
  • Identification of any maintenance concerns

With these regular checks, we can maintain the value of your investment, spotting maintenance issues early and rectifying, often saving significant sums through a preventative approach and reducing exposure to potential litigation from the tenant.

These inspections also help in other ways, providing an opportunity to ensure the tenant is abiding by the terms of the tenancy agreement, again spotting problems early and reducing risk.

Finally, by approaching the inspection as an aid to the tenant, looking for potential maintenance issues before they become a problem, they feel valued and appreciated, enhancing retention and reducing overall costs. By building a relationship with the tenant in this way, we also build a connection with the property, ensuring they look after your investment as if it were their own.

The Highest Standard


Having an effective approach to maintenance can make a significant impact on the return on your investment. We handle maintenance in an organised and effective way following a complete end-to-end process.

This begins with every maintenance request submitted through our tenant portal. This allows tenants to upload photos and videos to provide clarity on the problem. The effect of this is a completely transparent process, tenants and tradesmen know where they are throughout. You as an investor always have the complete picture.

Maintenance is undertaken as outlined in the signed authority and in accordance with the law. All work is completed by qualified, licensed and insured professionals who put the property first and act in your best interest. Our maintenance plan is strictly adhered to by every party involved.

Within our maintenance process, we always advise that minor maintenance is taken care of quickly and regularly. In our experience, this offers the most economical approach, preventing issues becoming larger problems that are expensive and time consuming to remedy. With the high standards of maintenance in place, tenants are more likely to commit to long-term tenancies, reducing your costs.

We always seek to resolve repairs quickly, for non-emergency requirements, we will always wait for the appropriate authorisation from you before carrying out the work.

Dealing With

Rent Arrears

Tenant Selection

Reducing instances of rent arrears begins with tenant selection. When assessing finances, we follow the 70/30 rule. This is an affordability test based on the sound financial premise that a tenant can successfully pay up to 30% of their total income in rent.

Tenant Induction

We believe in setting everything out at the beginning. Our induction process includes open and frank discussion of our expectations in terms of looking after the property and in particular the financial expectations for paying rent on time. This includes laying out the consequences of late payments, including being recorded on their tenant ledger, which could affect their ability to rent in the future.


Recent times have been a good reminder that circumstances can change quickly, and we recognise that problems can arise that are out of tenants control. The important thing is to find constructive solutions that protect your investment. Maintaining effective lines of communication at all times is essential to that process.

Through our induction and newsletter, we constantly remind tenants of the consequences of late payment and ensure that paying rent on time is their highest priority. Our late payment policy kicks in on the day a payment is late, beginning with a phone call that seeks to find an immediate solution to the issue for you. To maintain the viability of your investment, a management team with an effective late payment policy is essential, and it can save you thousands of dollars if things do go wrong with a tenant.

Reward Good Tenants

At Lockyer Property Management, we like to recognise when tenants consistently pay their rent on time. An appreciated tenant is a better tenant.

This is an example

"We believe in going the extra mile to find your property the right tenant, rather than waiting for the right tenant to find your property"

Inhabit Realty

Long-Term Tenants Offer More

For any investment, stability and predictability are essential for growth over time. In property investment, that is personified by long-term tenants.

They provide a consistent income from any property, offering a reliable ROI without having to regularly add to overheads with the cost of marketing for, and evaluating, new tenants. Long-term tenants also have an investment in the property and tend to require lower maintenance support too, reducing both cost and workload over time.

Today, as we move away from centralised work patterns and in many cases the home is also the workspace, long-term tenancies are very much in demand, offering a broader client base than alternatives. By focusing on long-term tenants, you can enjoy robust returns with lowered maintenance costs and greater reliability of that increased return.

About Your Property

Your Target Market


These are a group that desire property close to work, with easy access to public transport, shops, eating out and entertainment. If you could describe what they are looking for in a single word, it would be convenience. However, they also expect high standards too, so a well-presented property, they prefer contemporary design, although a modernised property will also fit the bill, and are looking for a low maintenance property with entertaining space inside or out.


Location near to campus, or easy direct transport, is a key feature for students. They also want access to lifestyle amenities, with shops, nightlife, cafes and so on in the vicinity another desirable feature. While affordability is a concern, students will often stretch their budget to get the right property that offers the lifestyle options they desire.


Perhaps the biggest demographic in the market today, they are primarily looking for space, family friendly floorplans and comfortable, adaptable living. Locations near to quality schools, shops, friends and other families is often near the top of their list too. In practical terms, this means single, unattached dwellings on decent sized lots are the most desirable properties for families, although the trend is towards medium and high-density housing for cost reasons.

Online Marketing

High Impact, Broad Reach

To maximise your ROI and minimise vacancy periods, your property needs to be noticed. Our marketing approach stands out from the crowd and puts your property in front of quality tenants.


A multi-platform domain marketing campaign offers high quality exposure, get faster results and achieves improved ROI. Reaching potential tenants both locally and in the broader market, including internationally, you can enjoy stronger tenant interest and a faster response.


REA is the number 1 property website in Australia, allowing your property to reach the widest possible audience. With a large, high quality photo of the property, a highlighted property profile and a bespoke phot carousel, this site is proven to deliver up to a 70% increase in enquiries.

Our Own Website

With a large customer base and active tenant network, we enjoy a significant audience of potential tenants actively seeking properties just like yours. For the first four weeks, we will include your property in a prominent feature listing, retaining its own microsite for the campaign duration.

Additional National Websites

When looking for a property, over 90% of Australians use the internet to search. We ensure that your property is exposed to that audience through both local and national websites.

Virtual Walk-thru

For tenants who cannot inspect the property in person in particular, the virtual tour is an exceptional tool for reaching potential tenants. With proven results, the virtual walk-through brings the very best of the property to the tenant wherever they may be.


Highly cost-effective and delivering exceptional results, an eBrochure allows you to communicate the very best features of the property, delivering information directly to potential tenant's inbox.

Offline Marketing

High Impact, High Target


Today, we are used to getting our information visually, which is why high-quality photography is so important when marketing your investment. It brings your property to life, presents the property in its best light, and provides the impact that information about the best features, the character and so on require.


Tenants who are interested in a property want to learn more about it. While photos grab the attention, persuasive descriptions are key to further engagement. Good copy doesn't just describe the property, it evokes a desire to see it in person.


At the heart of a comprehensive, layered approach to marketing your investment is the brochure. Versatile in use, they are effective in every stage of the marketing process, from introducing a prospective tenant to the property to effective accompaniment during a viewing. Cost-effective and highly useful, the brochure is key to marketing your property.


For a fast response and superb visibility, a signboard takes some beating. It attracts local attention, informing potential tenants locally but also enabling those from further afield to quickly find the property.

This is an example

"In order to receive the maximum dollar for your property, and to minimise vacancies, the best strategy is to put the very best product on the market at the right price in the right way"

Inhabit Realty

Manage Your Property As An Investment

Minimising vacancy periods is an essential aspect of managing your investment property. We understand that rental income is required to meet mortgage payments in many cases, and extended vacancies have a negative impact on your returns.

There are many reasons why properties may remain vacant, and we have solutions for them all:


The way your property is presented doesn't just have an impact on how quickly you identify a tenant. It can mean higher rents and a better tenant too. With this in mind, investing even a small amount in improving the property while it is vacant so that it can look its best can bring significant reward. We have extensive expertise in maintenance and repairs, and liaise with approved, quality tradespeople to ensure your property is presented in the best way possible.

Market Pricing

Understanding the market is an essential aspect of marketing any property. Finding the balance between return on investment and desirability for potential tenants is essential when seeking to minimise vacant periods without sacrificing income. Rent prices are determined by current market conditions, seasonal factors, and supply and demand. Getting it wrong can lead to long term vacancy, and here too low can be as off-putting as too high for prospective tenants. Our extensive expertise and insight provide accurate and effective guidance for your property.

High Vacancy Rates

If the market has a high ratio of property to potential tenants, that will be reflected in high levels of vacancies. With tenants having a wider choice, this places them in stronger negotiating position for tenancy terms. With valued insight into markets, we can guide your approach even in these challenging situations.

Just another Rental

In a rental market, especially where there is significant oversupply, there is a danger of your property just being another on the list and become overlooked. Our marketing approach is multi-layered, putting your property in front of a broad audience to capture interest. With superb quality images and other tools like our virtual walk-throughs, we ensure your property always stands out no matter what the market conditions.

Rental Increases Improve Your Returns

Maximising the return on your investment is central to your entire strategy. We recognise how important this is, with a policy of constant market monitoring and at least one rental review each year to ensure you always obtain appropriate market rates for your property.

Additional rental reviews and increases are also instigated during vacancy periods or as leases come up for renewal.

Accounting For

Your Money

Monthly and EOY Statements

Ensuring that your returns are delivered on time and that all documentation is accounted for in a seamless, easy approach that does not require a huge time investment on your part is essential for hassle-free property rental. We use cutting-edge technology and a robust computing platform to ensure that you receive your rental income on a monthly basis direct to your account for convenience. We operate a paperless system, with documents delivered digitally via pdf for easy filing. Each month you will receive a complete digital statement to ensure complete transparency in our working relationship with you. At tax time, we will send you an end of year summary of all income and expenses that you can simply pass to your accountant.

Expenses Made Easy

To simplify your end of year process even further and put all expenses into a single statement, we can pay property expenses on your behalf. This includes:

  • Body corporate fees
  • Rates
  • Levies
  • Landlord insurance
  • Building insurance
  • Any other expenses related to your investment property
Acting As

Your Agent

Duty of Care

Duty of Care is both a legal and ethical obligation to protect yourself, the tenant and the living standards of the property. This includes appropriate maintenance. Failure to meet this obligation can lead to serious consequences, both legally and financially. Properties must always be maintained in a clean and well-maintained condition that is safe for your tenant to live in. We ensure compliance through a rigorous regime of property inspection and well-organised maintenance support to protect you, your property and your tenant at all times.

Dispute Resolution

While every step is taken to avoid issues, if any do occur, we will negotiate on your behalf to reach an amicable solution. If this is not possible for any reason, we also have access to a free dispute resolution service. If it proves impossible to come to an agreement using these methods, we can act on your behalf during legal proceedings in the Tribunal, for a small fee.

This is an example

"Our experience and understanding of the latest property management and marketing techniques means you can rely on us to find your perfect tenant."

Inhabit Realty

About Your Property

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1.5

Car Accommodation: 6

Land Size: 13,500m2

Key Features: 10,000lt water tank, 2 x dams, fully fenced, extra sheds


1 Test Drive

Bedrooms: 3 | Bathrooms: 1 | Car Accommodation: 2 | Land Size: 6,500m2

Rent Price: $480.00 per week

2 Test Drive

Bedrooms: 3 | Bathrooms: 1 | Car Accommodation: 2 | Land Size: 6,500m2

Rent Price: $480.00 per week

3 Test Drive

Bedrooms: 3 | Bathrooms: 1 | Car Accommodation: 2 | Land Size: 6,500m2

Rent Price: $480.00 per week

Rental Appraisal

Having compared your property with recent rentals and from our experience, we estimate that, in the current market, a reasonable price expectation for your property would be in the vicinity of:

$560 to $590 per week.

However, we do not simply wish to limit ourselves to this range, and assure you that it is always our goal to achieve the maximum price possible for each and every property, finely balanced with finding a quality tenant.

Disclaimer - The appraisal figure in this letter represents an estimate of the rental price per week the above property could reasonably expect to achieve in the current market. This estimate is provided free of charge and is not to be construed as being a valuation. It is valid for 30 days from the date of this appraisal.

Your Asset Manager

Experience our Experience

Michelle Crothers

About Lockyer Property Management

Lockyer Property Management was founded with the goal of providing industry-leading standards for investors in the property investment market. With a passion for property, we understand that your success is the key to our own, and we work diligently to ensure your investment achieves your goals. Blending traditional, client-focused service with cutting-edge technology, we are able to deliver the exceptional performance and superb value that you deserve, ensuring you benefit from our proven expertise throughout the entire scope of our property management solutions.

Before launching LMP we spoke to investors, both local and interstate, to identify where we could improve what the industry had to offer.  Many spoke about the deficiencies of their property management service, including a lack of professionalism, poor communication, inadequate transparency, all of which left them unsure of their investments and cost in both time and money.

Part of this problem is that for most mainstream real estate businesses, sales are their core business, and property management is an add on. This inevitably leads to a lack of focus and resources, which ultimately degraded the management service on offer.

Lockyer Property Management only deals with property management, this is our core business and both our focus and our expertise. We are dedicated to effective management of your investment, delivering exceptional outcomes and a smooth, hassle-free way of enjoying your property portfolio. We understand that managing your investment is not just about collecting the rent for you, but of maximising the returns you get through careful tenant choice and effective property management.

We understand that every property represents your financial future, don’t risk it with a team focused elsewhere, we are the management experts dedicated to ensuring your investment achieves your goals.

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